About us

MAS TRAVEL PERU was born from the firme wish of making our visitors live all the magic, nature, culture, history and flavor that surround our country.

We are experiences designers. With more than 15 years creating programs for individual travellers, families or groups. We personalize trips so your visit to Peru will be unique and unforgettable.

Our deep respect to our collaborators, communities, alive culture and the preservation of the environment, are the basis of if our faithful commitment that promote the environmental and social sustainability.

We are committed to offer you the best options and the best attention since your arrival with a first quality personalized attention at every stage of your trip.

MAS TRAVEL PERU invites to live Peru, to know, enjoy and learn of the coast, mountains and jungle of our country. Take with you a little of us and share it with the world and invite them to know our wonders. Take a little part of us with you and share it with the world and invite them to get to know our wonders.